Experience the AZ Outback

Experience the AZ Outback

Testimonial from Bob

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Images from 2015 Black Canyon Trail

Check out the Photos from SweetMimages of last year’s race February 13, 2016

Black Canyon Ultras | Course Preview | Start to Bumble Bee

Antelope Mesa Register for the Event. February 13, 2016

Black Canyon Trail 100k & 60k

Black Canyon Trail Ultra Check out the event website. Febrary 13, 2016 2015 Black Canyon Trail

7 Great Winter Backpacking Trips

by Outsideonline.com Don’t put your tent in storage just yet. During our colder months, some great southern hemisphere trails shine and a few too-hot-for-summer circuits open up in our southerly states and in the Caribbean. From a couple of weeks to a few days, here are some worthy long walks to take this winter that don’t involve snow.  >>read more

Black Canyon Trail – All Night Long

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